Allbutacross ~ what's in a name?

Many of you have asked me why allbutacross

Well simply put, if I hear ''allbutacross'' as a Captain. I am happy that the player has had a good game, and whatever happens, he or she can only drop one chalk, so should be happy for the player and the team.
As a player, again I would know that I have more than likely, played reasonably well with a player of equal ability on that day.
Then comes the nice part of shaking hands (etiquette) and thanking the opponent for a nice game. Safe in the knowledge that you hope they bowl two bad woods to finish off the game, ensuring you win!
The hard bit is when they have a great lead on the jack, or worse still come in off your bowl to steal an unlikely win.
You know that not only do you have to use  ' that word' ....lost, whenever someone asks you how you got on. But some Captains (not me by the way) 'drop' all losers.
Some players buy their opponents a drink (at wet venues) and some don't regardless. So I should think that some will bowl the last end badly, just to save a few bob! And so only lose by one point.

When I started this web site, I really started it as a means of getting information to interested parties, about bowls. Being a Secretary, somebody is always chasing you for answers. Many of which I couldn't answer. So this web site gave me ' a vehicle' to use to relay the necessary information.
Since it's launch, I have crashed it twice, whilst learning many new words and phrases.
I have also used three, yes three pieces of software for getting the Frodsham Bowling League 'on the web'. I think that I have finally found the one that not only works well, but so far, has been rather kind to me by not crashing.
 So far we have had four requests to find particular teams in the word search. Again, we have made it printer friendly for you.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

Best wishes Lynn and Pete.