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Fixtures for both the Runcorn and Frodsham leagues
are now live in the MB system.
New Years message...
Firstly welcome and best wishes for the New Year that is 2020.
In bowling terms 20..20 is sometimes said as allbutacross.
So I think that it is the correct time to announce the
closing down of this site after this year.
When I started this site, many readers of this site today
were reading local papers to get their information.
Now you are all converted to using the world wide web.
Today, I'm pleased to say that many, if not all,
local leagues have there own individual websites.
So much of what is placed on allbutacross is duplicated
elsewhere, ( quite often by me! ) and I'm sure that the local sites can
place any additional information onto their own sites.
When I started this site, in 2007 some 13 years ago.
It cost £15 a year, now it is over £70 and rising yearly.
So, in brief, I will cover until late September and
look at allowing it to retire there after.
You all have until then to copy and print off anything you wish.
I can't think that anyone would wish to take over the
running of this site as it is, but if they did, then I'm
sure it could be transferred to them.
Best wishes to you all and thank you for all
your help and support for the last 13 years.
Kind regards Lynn and Pete.

H P Therapy Pain & Injury Clinic
Based locally in Elton.
Helen can relieve you from all sporting pains.
Simply follow the link into her website.
Or ring Helen directly on Tel No: 0781 516 1508

Mr John C Knapper
36, Belgrave Road
Cheshire CW2 7NH
Home Tel: 01270 663713
Mobile Tel: 07786 171422
email: knappers36@hotmail.co.uk

Please advise all clubs that belong to your associations that the fee for 

BCGBA Life Membership Cards has increased to £12

with immediate effect & replacement cards now cost £4.

 Regards John Knapper (Cheshire County Secretary)

New Players...
Cheshire County and British Registration numbers are obtainable from
Mr John Small, 17 Farriers Way, Winsford. CW7 2TS (01606) 599 268.
2019 new charges are: Lifetime Cards £12.00 and Replacements £4.00 each.

''Local Club Details''
Can be found under the Runcorn League in the Navbar.
This will give you all the post codes and if you 'click' onto the Club name
and then wait a moment, it will also provide you with a map. (Why not try it?).

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