Welcome to Pat's weekly report

Proposal/Amendments/Correspondence  for season 2020


1/ Letter received from Crowton BC, application to enter a second team into the League.


2/ Proposal from War Memorial RE Handicapping. Top team start on scratch ie Norley, Pavilions A (2), Castle SSC (4) and so on adding 2 points to each team as you go down the positions in each sections.

Below is a list of proposals from Pavilions.

Rule 28; Each team will pay a levy of 30p per player for each match played, excluding Cup games.

Proposed amendment: Each team will pay a levy of 50p per player for each match played, excluding cup games. We feel this is well within every clubs capabilities and would allow for increased prize funds to be  distributed across the league and cups.

Murphy Cup Rules: Entrance fee to be £15-00 and optional. Any team not wishing to enter MUST notify the League Secretary prior to the draw for first matches.

Proposed amendment: Entrance fee is £15-00 and MANDATORY for all teams registered. Any team not wishing to enter MUST notify the League Secretary prior to the draw for first matches but the entrance fee still to be paid.

Rule 45: The Competition Secretary must not be expected to take any other league into account when team and individual cup draws are made.

Proposed: The competition Secretary should try and take into account when team and individual cup draws are made to remove a potential advantage. Clubs to be held responsible for not declaring any such advantage.

New Rule: Green selections for competitions to be selected on suitability, availability, condition and how neutral it is for both team/individuals in competitions. This should also remove the fact that the green may have  been used in the previous round/qualifying date

New Rule: All handicaps for team and individual competitions to be decided and agreed by the Executive Committee and should consider(but not be exhaustive of) previous years performance (team and individual competitions) players capability/previous years performance, registered players with team.

New Rule: All Runcorn League Competitions finals nights to be strict dress code, bringing it in line with BCGBA.(i e. smart tailored shorts are now allowed in hot weather).

Proposal: That the team cup competitions fixtures are distributed more evenly throughout the season for two main reasons, to create more excitement around the finals and to allow all teams to have enough players to have played enough games to make them eligible for the latter stages. We must be in agreement  that for the benefit of the league all teams must be given every opportunity to field their strongest team and allow the teams handicap to be as accurate as possible which makes for a more competitive game al round.

Idea/Proposal: End of year /start of season singles competition to consist of  one/two players from each team in each section to form a one day competition on a green rota based on green condition( you would want a good green in good condition to make for a good spectacle) to play down to the winner. The representative player/s from each team could be selected by team averages winner (if two players second player in averages or a selected A N Other).

Idea/Proposal: The Runcorn League look into forming a Federation Team as a joint venture with the Frodsham & District League. This is an idea to look at giving bowlers the opportunity at playing at a higher standard which can only be of benefit to everyone, If there is enough interest could this be pursued.


Well folks its all over another season has closed, below is a list of the players and teams that will be picking up prize money at the Presentation Evening on Friday 22nd November at Runcorn War Memorial Club. Ticket sales are limited to 150 so if you require tickets contact League Secretary ASAP.

Section one Winner Norley BC, Runner up Pavilions A, third Castle SSC.

Section two Winner Frodsham Red Lion, Runner up Norton Arms A, third place Norton Arms B.

Section Three Winner Goshawk BC, Runner up Crowton BC,  third Grapes ABC Taxis.

Murphy Cup Winner Hazel Pear, Runner up Pavilions A, s/finalists Norley BC, Pavilions B.

P & A Morgan Winner Manley BC Runners up Halton RBL A, s/finalists Frodsham Red Lion and Grapes ABC Taxis.

Abel Cup Handicap Winner N Ocego Runner up R Johnston, s/finalists K Duncalf and M Furber.

Jim Ainsworth Cup Winner G Merry Runner up A Briscoe s/finalists K Duncalf and J Rawlinson.

Section two Merit Winner M Furber Runner up W Owen s/finalists E Ellis and P Ellis.

Section three Merit Winner B Hopley Runner up J Coats s/finalists T McLaughlin and G Whelan.

Section One Averages Winner G Donnelly (Kingswood B)

Section Two Averages Winner D Hughes (Frodsham Red Lion).

Section Three Averages Winner Peter Dumbill (Pavilions D).

Tudor Pairs Winners N Ocego/ C Price, R&L Dobson, J Bate/ J Plumpton and J Brooker/G Hodson.