Kingsway Indoor Rules

Constitution and Rules

1. The League will play under the 'Conditions of Hire' pf D C Leisure Management Ltd.
    All teams represented will sign for a copy at the AGM.
2. 'Conditions of Hire' The ''Hirer'' shall be the teams playing in the Kingsway Indoor Bowls League and therefore the individual players making up the teams are deamed 'Hirers'. The fact that one individual person signs the hiring agreement will not make that person the 'Hirer'. No claim can therefore be made against the Secretary / organiser, Treasurer / organiser or Results Secretaries. Visitors shall be the responsibility of the individual player (Hirer) that invites them into the centre.


1. Minimum length 18 metres.
2. Woods are dead if any part is bisecting the white line.
3. Woods are live in the gutter if touchers.
4. Jack to be bowled and centered. Jack can be placed ONLY when BOTH captains agree.
5. Jack going off side of carpet. End to be played again ( once per pair per game ). If it goes off over the line the jack is placed in the corner.
6. Tied ends count as an end.
7. Teams to play 8 doubles games.
8. No players to play more than 2 games ( except for rule 9 )
9. Any team short of 1 player must play 6 games, then the worst pair ( by score difference ) can each play with the seventh player. RULE NOW VOTED OUT
10. Any team short of 2 players gives 56 points to the opponents and 4 points ( 2 points per game ).
11. 7 ends per game.
12. 2 points per game. 2points for overall winning score. A total of 18 points per match.
13. Once a '' live '' wood or jack is in the gutter they can only be moved by a toucher.
14. No player to go to the jack end until the first two players have bowled their woods.
15. If an end has not been set the jack is to be placed on a middle spot by the other sides player.
16. Only the 4 players plus measurers on the carpet.   KEEP OFF.
17. No striking. One can bowl through.
18. If the hall is ready for play before 1.00pm we can start. When we are asked to finis WE DO SO, after 4pm. The score to count as final. The attendants understand that you complete the end that you are bowling and no more.
19. Anyone found playing and not having paid to do so will be banned from the centre.
20. Outdoor footwear to be removed before treading onto the carpets. Clean flat footwear to be worn to tread on carpets. No heels or ridges.

Issues 10th September 2007
Amended September 2008

They SHOULD be correct, but knowing my typing skills, they are subject to the odd mistake.
The only apology I will make is to Lynn who has had to listen to me 'clattering on the keyboard' for a number of hours, whilst keeping me going with the odd cup of tea and biscuit.
I hope you find the information of use.
Best wishes  Pete Snelson.